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The company of Mr. Antonios Lamprou - Lamprou Energy - in the Industrial Area of Inofyta, Boeotia, in collaboration with the laboratory of Natural Environment and Hydrogen Technologies with the acronym "InnoEnergy” of the Department of Environmental Engineering of the University of Patras, proceed to the cooperation for industrial hydrogen installations in all areas concerning buildings, shipping and electricity.


The company has grown dynamic in the last years, with the main areas of its activities focusing on the industrial zone and shipping

  • Construction of electrical installations in industrial buildings
  • Construction of electrical installations in warehouses (logistics)
  • Construction & maintenance of medium voltage substations
  • Application of industrial automation in production lines
  • Management & urbanization of the final product to ensure quality
  • Construction & maintenance of PV power plants
  • Construction of certified power and automation panels
  • Installation of energy saving systems


The collaborative formation initially aims at the Internship of students of the Department of Environmental Engineering of the University of Patras and the creation of a Hydrogen TEAM, with the aim of installing and maintaining hydrogen systems.

The company has already ordered autonomous hydrogen systems for small installations from England and is proceeding with new orders for hydrogen systems for homes and boats. The collaboration with the new startup HydroZen, of Mr. Vassilios Stratopoulos (Mechanical Engineer and collaborator of the first laboratory of Hydrogen Technologies in Greece "Innoenergy") for green charging points.

The term "Hydrogen Energy Autarky" by Mr. Makridis' lab is now a reality.

The institution of new scholarships exclusively on Hydrogen Technologies, is the backbone of their cooperation and the development of new professional and investment projects under the well-known Green Deal of the European Commission.

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Electrical Applications for Industry
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